Pro Tips


After consulting our in-house cleaning experts and house cleaning pros, we've come up with a few tips to simplify your cleaning—and save time and effort.

  1. To help prevent the growth of mold and bacterial buildup, dry your tub/and or shower after each use. This will help reduce moisture, which is the perfect breeding ground for microbial growth.
  2. To help control hard water and mineral deposits in your toilet, try cleaning your toilet thoroughly at least 2-3 times per week. Because your toilet may be coated in mineralized hard water day and night, the more you clean the deposits away, the less build up you'll have to clean each time.
  3. After polishing stainless steel surfaces, maintain the shine and get rid of smudges by buffing the surface with a dry terry cloth or a microfiber cloth. The remaining polish from the previous application should help bring back the shine!
  4. Once you've cleaned your grout as clean as you can get it, rinse it well. When it's thoroughly dry, apply a coat of masonry sealer so that it doesn't absorb dirt in the future. Once the grout has been sealed, clean regularly with a pH neutral multi-surface cleaner to protect the seal.
  5. After cleaning and or refinishing your hardwood and laminate floors, dust mop or sweep weekly. Regular vacuuming or sweeping is the best way to maintain the finish, to remove dirt, and to prevent scratches and buildup.
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